Visa support for foreigners, visa to Russia

We draw up the invitation in Russia that is required for your visa to be issued. After your getting it by e-mail (for tourist invitations), or by express delivery mail (for business invitations), you should go with it to Russian Consulate in the country of your residence, fill the Consulate questionnaire and then your visa will be issued.

BUISSNESS INVITATION (single entry visa, double entry visa in the period of 3 months, multi entry visa in period of 1 year)

TOURIST INVITATION (up to 30 days in Russia)

1.A copy of external passport in color 1. A copy of external passport
2. Copies of previous visas to Russia (if any) 2. An itinerary (duration of stay, address in Russia (hotel, flat), cities to visit)
3. Duration of stay in Russia 3. The letter of guarantee (should be written by an inviting party in our office).
4. The cities in Russia to visit (no more than 6)
5. Consulate of Russia abroad, where you will get a visa
6. Address in Russia
7. Information about job (your occupation, name,address and phone of your company)
8. A type of visa you wish to get
9. The letter of guarantee (should be written by an inviting party in our office).

The issuance of business invitation occupies from 5 to 30 days, tourist invitation – 1 day.

Please be advised that issuance of tourist invitation  in one day  is impossible for Algeria, Angola, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Ethiopia, Sri-Lanka, Chad, India, Iraq, Iran, China, Egypt, and DPRK. For above –mentioned countries the issuance of tourist invitation occupies 2-3 days, business invitation – from 8 to 30 days depending on urgency.

The prices of each type of invitation please inquire in our office, our phone is:+7 (423) 240-02-60, +7(423) 240-48-32, e-mail: [email protected].

The samples of the letters of guarantee, the inviting person (Russian citizen) should fill it in our office.

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e-mail: [email protected].

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